Windows 7 Gamer Edition | 64-bit | UNDEADCROWS-ISO
Windows 7 Gamer Edition x64 By UNDEADCROWS | for Gamers
ISO | DVD | English | 64-bit | Bootable | 2.76 GB
Crack/Activation: NOT REQUIRED* | UPDATABLE* | Built-in Serial Key 

Windows 7 modified for gamers on this new platform (64-bit). The system is optimized to support today s games, plus he removed a number of processes without unnecessary if it comes to games.

Just download unzip and burn the ISO to DVD, reboot the system since, to install on a clean partition.
The requirements needed at the foot of this post, keep in mind that it is for current games, where 2GB of RAM and dual cores are normal.
Overview of the Features and Updates of Windows 7 Gamer Edition:

Credit - it2558

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