PGWARE SuperRam v6 final update released on 11/10/2014 - a powerful optimization utility recommended to use for computers experiencing sharp slowdown and low performance due to memory inefficiency and lack of usable RAM space. PGWARE SuperRam will manage your memory on your PC and helps to run a faster computer by adjusting memory.

คุณสมบัติ PGWARE SuperRam
- The best utility to boost your PC and make programs and games run faster through putting actual RAM to new programs.
- The program will control and manage your computer RAM and allows applications and games run faster than before by accessing and using more RAM. It recovers wasted memory space, this, will change your performance experience from slow computer to running a fast and smooth PC.
- The program is intuitive, easy-to-use and has customizable modern user interface to quickly access all options and features. It runs in the background so that it free more RAM.



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